Medical Services for Individuals and Families

Fewer Risks Financially

For Medical Costs of all Amounts


For Urgent and Non-Urgent Care


For significant medical expenses, Medical Cost Sharing is included.

Preventive services beyond virtual visits are self-pay.

Monthly Contribution:

Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)

$1,000 IUA

$2,500 IUA

$5,000 IUA

Member Only




Member + Spouse




Member + Child




Member + Family




Note: This program is NOT health insurance – The sharing community is managed by Zion Health, a Utah Medical Cost Sharing Benevolence Organization.



Virtually chat with healthcare providers instantly through a HIPPA compliant digital platform. You’ll receive access to:

  • Behavioral health services
  • Digital and traditional communications
  • Pharmacy consultations
  • In-person care when needed
  • Communications regarding your treatment progress
Navigation Assistance

Negotiating and Navigating the Healthcare System

Our dedicated agents assist you in navigating your healthcare. These services assist you in finding the highest quality in-person and virtual care at the best price. We also assist in price verification and negotiating services under $5,000. For services over $5k, we suggest Care Connect.

Pharmacy Benefit Plan

Helping you manage your prescriptions

Our team searches multiple platforms, markets, and pharmacy assistance programs to find prescription medication solutions for every member.

  • Get real prices without markups or fees on your medications at local pharmacies with the Pharmacy Benefit Plan.
  • Our search engine offers a list of local pharmacies and the exact cost at every location.
  • View your list of pharmacy options to find which is best for you.
  • Access your prescription history whenever you need it.
  • Explore Manufacturer Savings Programs, Patient Assistance Programs, and other discounts.
  • For expensive pharmaceuticals, we will help you explore overseas options to get you the best cost.
Medical Cost Sharing


HealthShare began in the 1980s by a pastor in Ohio after experiencing a vehicle accident. The religious community joined together to help crowdsource the funds to pay for the medical bills. Following the Bible’s teachings, this community wanted to share its health sharing with others.

Currently, the HealthShare community follows the same crowdsourcing system. It is a proven alternative to traditional health insurance, which is often complex, confusing, and costly. HealthShare members keep more money in their own pockets due to the freedom and flexibility of the HealthShare program.

Pivotal Health was founded by utilizing the same medical cost-sharing techniques. It is our mission to make HealthSharing accessible to more people so everyone can afford the medical care they deserve.

  • ACCEPTANCE GUARANTEED:  You won’t be declined for preexisting medical conditions or religious affiliations.
  • MEDICAL COST SHARING: Medical costs are shared amongst the community.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Healthy lifestyle choices make our community stronger.
  • ATTENTIVE CARE: Your medical needs are processed quickly — usually within 5 days.
  • MORE FREEDOM: Choose any medical provider without network restrictions.
  • NO CAPS ON INSURANCE:  HealthShare doesn’t have annual or lifetime caps on medical treatment requests.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Your membership contributions can be made through your employer or a direct primary care practice.
  • ACCESS EVERYWHERE: Medical cost-sharing is available domestically as well as abroad.


* Medical Cost Sharing is a lower cost alternative to conventional health
insurance, it is NOT INSURANCE. Please visit:
page/ For our most up to date guidelines.
Accessible Personal Medical Records

Your Personal Health Records are always Secure and Accessible

Your medical records are always accessible and easily sent to specialists or medical facilities. Keep track of your health from home by using your digital and secure health portal.

QR LifeCode

Access emergency assistance at any time with the Personal LifeCode, which allows medical providers instant access to your records.

You’ll receive secure emergency medical profiles and a LifeCode ID to safely access and share your medical records with your doctors. This easy access allows for superior healthcare outcomes.

Medical Services Discounts
Our members have access to medical providers, lifestyle products, and additional resources not covered by traditional insurance providers. Use the online portal to explore your discount options around your area. There is no need for pre-authorizations or to fill out lengthy claims. Additional benefits include:

1. Unmatched Savings: Save more on out-of-pocket costs on complementary and alternative medicine solutions.
2. Holistic Care Access: Use our discounts to visit a chiropractor or other holistic medicine providers.
3. Convenient: Print savings coupons directly from our portal and visit a provider of your choosing.

Life Care

Simply put, Life Care improves your quality of life by making adjustments to harmful habits such as substance abuse. It also improves stress and anxiety, relationship issues, and more.

Access board-certified medical providers by phone or digitally at any time for virtual visits and prescriptions.

For Individuals

No matter your lifestyle, our plan offers control over your medical access and treatment options, saving you time and money without sacrificing coverage or quality.

For Families

Families have diverse medical needs. Access to a family medicine practitioner is essential to providing optimal healthcare for your family.

For Employers

Both the self-employed and business owners want to make sure everyone in their organization is cared for. Our program offers barrier-free access to healthcare at all times.

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    DISCLAIMER: *This program is NOT health insurance – The sharing community is managed by Zion Health, a Utah Medical Cost Sharing Benevolence Organization.

    Zion Health is not an insurance company. Neither this publication NOR membership in Zion Health are issued or offered by an insurance company. The purpose of these membership guidelines is to help Members understand and identify medical needs that qualify for potential reimbursement and the process by which reimbursements are made. The membership guidelines are not for the purpose of describing to prospective Members what amounts will be reimbursed by Zion Health. While Zion Health has shared all Eligible Needs of its Members to date, membership does NOT guarantee or promise that your Eligible Needs will be shared. Rather, membership in the Zion Health community merely guarantees the opportunity for Members to care for one another in a time of need and present their medical needs to other Members as outlined in these membership guidelines. The financial assistance Members receive will come from other members’ Monthly Contributions that are placed in a Benevolent Fund, and not from Zion Health.

    This publication and membership in Zion Health should never be considered a substitute for a health insurance policy. If the membership is unable to share in all or part of a members eligible medical needs, each member will remain solely financially liable for any and all unpaid medical needs. These guidelines do not create a legally enforceable contract between Zion Health and any of its members. Neither these guidelines, nor any other arrangement between members and Zion Health, create any rights for any member as a reciprocal beneficiary, a third-party beneficiary, or otherwise. An exception to a specific provision of these guidelines only modifies that particular provision and does not supersede or void any other provisions. The decision by zion health to reimburse a member’s eligible needs does not and shall not constitute a waiver of this provision or establish by estoppel or any other means any obligation on the part of Zion Health to reimburse a member’s eligible needs.