Individual Plans

Fewer Risks Financially

For Medical Costs and Expenses


For Urgent and Non-Urgent Care


ACA Tax Penalty compliant in MOST states, including (DC, NJ, RI, CA, VT).━


Monthly Contribution:

Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)

$1,000 IUA

$2,500 IUA

$5,000 IUA

Member Only




Member + Spouse




Member + Child




Member + Family




Note: This program is NOT health insurance – The sharing community is managed by Zion Health, a Utah Medical Cost Sharing Benevolence Organization.


Schedule Visits Via Telehealth

Visit with your doctor from your home or work using our HIPAA-compliant digital platform. Telehealth offers you access to:

  • Mental Health Providers
  • Communications with your provider
  • Referrals to in-office care when needed
  • Follow-up treatments and ongoing care
The History of HealthShare


In the 1980s, when a pastor in Ohio was injured in an automotive accident, he struggled to find a way to pay his medical bills. To help, the local religious community came together to help pay for his hospital bills. With the Bible’s teachings in mind, the community wanted to expand and share healthsharing with others around the country. And thus, HealthShare began.

Essentially, HealthShare is a crowdsourcing system used to pay for member’s medical bills. This alternative to traditional complex medical insurance makes navigating the medical system easier. Members of HealthShare save more money and have the freedom and flexibility that traditional medical insurance can’t provide.

Pivotal Health utilizes these same crowdsourcing techniques to help our members pay for their medical bills. We want to make HealthShare accessible to everyone so that nobody is stuck with costly medical bills or doesn’t get the healthcare they need because they are worried they can’t afford it.

  • ACCEPTANCE GUARANTEED:  Pre-existing condition? No worries, you’ll never be declined.
  • MEDICAL COST SHARING:  All medical costs are shared across our diverse community.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Living a healthy lifestyle makes our community stronger.
  • ATTENTIVE CARE: Medical treatments are always processed quickly (within 5 days).
  • MORE FREEDOM: You have the freedom to choose any medical provider you want, regardless of network affiliations.
  • NO CAPS ON INSURANCE:With HealthShare, there are no annual or lifetime caps.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Contribute on your own or through your employer.
  • ACCESS EVERYWHERE:  HealthShare is available both nationally and internationally.

* Medical Cost Sharing is a lower cost alternative to conventional health
insurance, it is NOT INSURANCE. Please visit:
page/ For our most up to date guidelines.
Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative payment model that utilizes a subscription-based process. It improves your access to medical care with an affordable membership fee. With DPC, you don’t pay for individual services. It provides you dedicated access to your medical provider.

Most DPC’s offer $0 co-pays for most primary and preventive services.

Care Concierge

Get Help Navigating the Healthcare System

Our agents are dedicated to helping you navigate all of your healthcare needs. Our concierge team assists you in finding the best care, both in-office or virtually. Our agents assist in price verification, and we will negotiate for the best price for services under $5,000. For specialized and expensive services, we suggest Care Connect.

Benefit Plan for Prescription Medications

Benefit Plan for Prescription Medications

Conveniently manage your prescriptions

Our digital platform is HIPAA Compliant and searches multiple pharmaceutical drug markets, so you always get the best price.

  • Always get the best prices on your prescription medications. Our plan eliminates mark-ups and additional fees.
  • By entering your prescription information, you’ll get a list of local pharmacies so you can always get the best price.
  • Find the pharmacy that carries your medication and compare prices.
  • Our healthcare assistance programs help you use manufacturer savings programs for maximum savings.
  • Sometimes overseas providers have the best prices. Our platform searches pharmaceutical prices from around the world.
Stay Connected with Direct Primary Care
Get these benefits through your Direct Primary Care provider:

  • In-office visit
  • Preventive Mammogram
  • All immunizations for children ages 0-16
  • Preventive colonoscopy
View Personal Medical Records Instantly

View Personal Medical Records Instantly

Explore Your Personal Health Records Via Our Secure Digital Platform

View your medical records and send them to medical specialists and institutions. Our secure health platform keeps your sensitive information secure.

QR LifeCode

24/7 Emergency Assistance with your Personal LifeCode allowing medical professionals instant access.

Get instant access to emergency care with Personal LifeCode. This innovative and secure platform shares your medical records with healthcare professionals.

Your secure emergency medical profile is secure with LifeCode ID. The encrypted information can be sent directly to emergency medical professionals to ensure optimal healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare Discounts
Our healthcare discounts give you access to medical professionals, wellness initiatives, and more medical resources not covered by traditional medical insurance. Search discount options in your area with the digital healthcare portal. With our healthcare discount program, lengthy claims or pre-authorizations are a thing of the past. Additional benefits include:

1. More Savings: Get additional and alternative medical treatments with minimal out-of-pocket costs.
2. Holistic Care Access:Visit the chiropractor or holistic medicine provider of your choice.
3. Convenient: Easy-to-print coupons help you save money when visiting the provider of your choice.

Life Care

Get assistance in changing harmful habits such as substance abuse or tobacco usage. Life Care offers you tools to improve stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more.

Get access to medical specialists over the phone or via virtual visits.

For Individuals

Save time and money with plans that offer control over your medical treatments. Our plans prioritize you while also providing the best coverage and healthcare quality.

For Families

Your family’s medical care is essential. Get access to the best family medical professionals in your area to support to provide your family with the best medical care.

For Employers

Both the self-employed and business owners deserve healthcare solutions. Our medical program offers affordable access to healthcare at all times.

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    DISCLAIMER: *This program is NOT health insurance – The sharing community is managed by Zion Health, a Utah Medical Cost Sharing Benevolence Organization.

    Zion Health is not an insurance company. Neither this publication NOR membership in Zion Health are issued or offered by an insurance company. The purpose of these membership guidelines is to help Members understand and identify medical needs that qualify for potential reimbursement and the process by which reimbursements are made. The membership guidelines are not for the purpose of describing to prospective Members what amounts will be reimbursed by Zion Health. While Zion Health has shared all Eligible Needs of its Members to date, membership does NOT guarantee or promise that your Eligible Needs will be shared. Rather, membership in the Zion Health community merely guarantees the opportunity for Members to care for one another in a time of need and present their medical needs to other Members as outlined in these membership guidelines. The financial assistance Members receive will come from other members’ Monthly Contributions that are placed in a Benevolent Fund, and not from Zion Health.

    This publication and membership in Zion Health should never be considered a substitute for a health insurance policy. If the membership is unable to share in all or part of a members eligible medical needs, each member will remain solely financially liable for any and all unpaid medical needs. These guidelines do not create a legally enforceable contract between Zion Health and any of its members. Neither these guidelines, nor any other arrangement between members and Zion Health, create any rights for any member as a reciprocal beneficiary, a third-party beneficiary, or otherwise. An exception to a specific provision of these guidelines only modifies that particular provision and does not supersede or void any other provisions. The decision by zion health to reimburse a member’s eligible needs does not and shall not constitute a waiver of this provision or establish by estoppel or any other means any obligation on the part of Zion Health to reimburse a member’s eligible needs.