Concierge Healthcare offers you and your family medical assistance at all times

Get the Dedicated Healthcare That You and Your Family Deserve


You don’t have to accept expensive healthcare. At Pivotal Health, we make medical care easy, affordable, and accessible for everyone! Finally, you can get the medical care that revolves around your schedule!

iEverydayCARE with Hospitalization

Age Myself Only Myself +Spouse Myself +Child(ren) Myself +Family
18-44 $319 $639 $669 $999
45-59 $379 $749 $779 $1,099
60-64 $449 $849 $879 $1,199

No Copays

Get 24/7 In-office & Virtual Primary Care Access
Chiropractic Care is Included
Lab Benefits, including X-Rays
Mental Health Treatment

Access Medical Specialists and Hospital Care

Specialists, specialized labs and diagnostics, and hospital care are included with a $50 Copay
For Individuals: $2,000 Initial Deductible. After is 20% until reaching the $4,000 out-of-pocket maximum
For Families: $4,000 Initial Deductible. After is 20% until reaching the $6,000 out-of-pocket maximum

More Benefits

Practitioners Boast a Multiplan Network
Prescription Discounts and Benefits

Note: Members over the age of 65 do not qualify for hospitalization benefits

Affordable healthcare for families and individuals made easy.

One Number for All of Your Needs

For all of your medical needs, just call or text. Our providers are available at all times and speak both English and Spanish. We can help you schedule appointments, coordinate your medications, and much more.

Save More on Medical Expenses

Save more money on your medical costs with lower premiums for your entire family. Experience $0 copays for primary care and affordable deductibles on hospital care.

Receive Support and Discounts on your Medications

Our agents will help you navigate the pharmaceutical world to get your medications at the best price. Find over 10,000 pharmaceuticals at less than $10 when utilizing our discount plan.

Care Personalized For You

Just text or call to begin your medical care!

Our members are guided by our Care Logistics Team throughout their healthcare journeys. We work EXCLUSIVELY for our members — making the healthcare system SIMPLE!

Request a Bilingual Visit

Our Care Logistics team is available any time by phone or digital device. Explain your medical needs, and you’ll quickly be connected to a certified medical provider. If you need an in-office visit, we will help you schedule it.

Schedule an in-office or virtual visit

You can discuss your symptoms either virtually or in-office. Our providers know your medical history, so they can offer you the best treatment quickly.

Get the treatment you need while saving money

Always follow your medical provider’s instructions. When needed, your provider can write prescriptions or order labs. During treatment, we will be with you the entire way and negotiate the best price to save you money.

Experience what it is like to have a doctor that feels like family


When you team with Pivotal Health, you are treated like a member of the family! We assist you 24/7!

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    * Hospitalization benefits are optional and members(s) can choose to opt out for a lower plan cost.

    This program is NOT insurance, and is managed by Redirect Health exclusively for members of the Reimagined Society. The Medical Cost Share risk pool is managed by New Path Medical, a Wyoming Health Sharing Ministry organized pursuant to Wyo. Stat. Ann §26-1-104. This Membership does NOT meet the minimum requirements for MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) or the ACA (Affordable Care Act). New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have passed their own state-level individual mandate laws that mirror the Federal Affordable Care Act. Redirect Health and Medical Cost Share memberships do not satisfy the new individual mandate requirements of these states. It should be expected that state enforced penalties may apply in these states. See State Specific Disclosures ( for more information regarding program limitations.

    CAREINGTON DISCOUNT PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE HEALTH INSURANCE. This plan does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not pay providers directly. Plan members must pay for all services but will receive a discount from participating providers. The list of participating providers is at A written list of participating providers is available upon request. Discount Plan Organization and administrator: Careington International Corporation, 7400 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034; phone 800-441-0380. This plan is not available in Vermont, Washington, or Utah.